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By contestant(s) signature on entry form and /or participation in these tournaments, the contestant(s) agree to any quality assurance tests at any time, if required by the Tournament Director. Quality assurance test may include all or part of the following: CVSA, Polygraph test, Urinalysis, or Blood test. Refusal of an angler to submit to a test or failure of a test will result in loss of winnings, immediate disqualification, plus subsequent disqualification from future tournaments.
Tests are mandatory for the overall big bass winners. Bi-Hourly winners will be chosen randomly.

The following rules for the Big Bass Bash Tournament will be interpreted solely by the tournament director. The director reserves
the right to reject any entry he feels is not in the best interest of the Tournament. Any announcements made by the tournament
director at the tournament site take precedent over written rules. All decisions of the tournament director are final. 

Safe boating must be observed at all times. Life jackets and kill switches must be used any time the combustion motor is running.
At the discretion of the Tournament Director, tournament days may be shortened, re-scheduled, or cancelled due to unsafe
weather or water conditions. If the tournament would be cancelled, a refund will be given to each contestant.
During the event hours, no alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than those purchased over the counter or prescribed by a licensed
physician) are allowed in the boat.
You must use running lights if you get on the water before daylight.
Boat owners must carry boating liability insurance. Proof of insurance may be asked for at any time

Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult with written parental permission.
Use of a professional guide is prohibited during the week (7days) prior to the starting time of the tournament.
If you have fished a Bassmaster Elite, or the “PRO” side in a FLW Tour event in the past 2 years, you are ineligible to fish.
If you have ever won a Bassmaster Classic or FLW Championship, you are ineligible to fish.
If you have provided guide service or instructional fishing, for pay, on the tournament lake within one year of the tournament date,
you are ineligible to fish.
If you have been a licensed guide on the tournament lake within the past 12 months of tournament date you are ineligible to fish.
If you have made more than $12,000 in tournament winnings (including cash & prizes) a year prior to the tournament
date, you are ineligible to fish. Draw boats are not included.
Big Bass Bash winnings are excluded from the $12,000 money cap.
Each boat may have up to 3 contestants. Only paid contestants are allowed in a boat. Non contestants are not allowed in a paid
contestants boat at any time during tournament hours (unless authorized by the Tournament Director).
We reserve the right to refuse any entry we feel is not in the best interest of the tournament.
Any person who has been disqualified from any prior tournament may be subject to being refused entry into tournament.
If a contestant is disqualified for rules violations, all other contestants in his/her boat will be disqualified.
Contestants must have a valid fishing license for the tournament lake in their possession unless exempt. License may be asked for
at the time of weigh-in.

Entry form with complete entry fee must be received before fishing. No refunds or substitution of entry fees will be allowed.
Each day registration will close 1 hour after the start of the tournament.
Checks WILL NOT be accepted when registering at the lake.
Any angler receiving a check must complete and submit a W-9 form.

The official lake off limit times "FROM FISHING" are from 7pm prior to each tournament day and ends at official start time each morning.
There is no formal launch site, contestants may leave from any launch site on the tournament day, but may not begin casting until
official start time.
Permitted fishing areas are anywhere on tournament waters available to the public and accessible by boat, except areas designated
as “off limits” or “no fishing “ by local, state, or federal officials, or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat that was first anchored.
You cannot fish within the marker buoys or within 100 yards of any weigh-in station.
No fishing within 50 yards of a marina gas pump.
No contestant may leave a boat to land a fish.

Alabama Rig Rules:
All anglers must abide by the state regulations set for the number of hooks allowed. Anyone caught throwing an illegal Alabama (Umbrella)
Rig will face disqualification.
All fishing will be done with a rod and reel and artificial lures only. The use of pork rinds is acceptable.
No trolling with the combustion engine.
No electronic tracking device (implanted microchips) may be used to locate fish for tournament purposes. However, depth finders
and graph charts are acceptable.


You cannot trailer your boat once you launch in the morning (excluding safety reasons). You must come to the weigh-in by water.
Each contestant must weigh their own fish. No contestant can have more than one (1) fish in their weigh-in bag when weighing in.
Contestants cannot weigh-in more than one fish per weigh-in period. No sharing of fish is allowed.
Each contestant is allowed to have no more than 2 fish in their possession at any time during the tournament.
Fish entered into the bi-hourly contest do not carry over from time slot to time slot. Only the largest fish
per contestant is eligible to win an overall prize.
A fish may only be weighed once. Once the fish has been weighed-in it becomes property of the tournament committee and
will, if possible, be returned live and healthy to the lake.
All bass caught during the tournament hours must be weighed in on the day of the catch.
All fish must be a minimum of 15 inches in length at Lake of the Ozarks & Pickwick/Wilson, 14 inches at Grand Lake.
Only largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky spotted bass (Black bass) will be eligible to be weighed in.
Tournament weigh-in bags will be provided, but you may use your own.


Participants are expected to show sportsmanship, safety, courtesy, and conservation during tournament hours.
Any artificially or preserved bass will be disqualified and that contestant will be subject to prosecution under federal law.
All boats must be equipped with an operating live well. (An aerator in an ice chest is acceptable).
No bass allowed on ice. Bass must be alive when they are brought to the weigh-in. Dead fish will not be weighed-in.
No hole sitting allowed, which means you cannot have another angler/boat holding a fishing spot for you.
Tournament boats may be inspected by tournament officials at any time.

All Bi-Hourly ties will be broken by the earliest weigh-in time for that time slot. If weigh-in times are the same a tie breaker will
be determined by earliest application entry.
Ties for the overall big bass will be determined by earliest application entry.

All protests must be submitted in writing to one of the tournament Directors within fifteen (15) minutes of the designated weigh-in.

The tournament sponsors, officers, employees, etc. will not be responsible for boating or water accidents. Each tournament
contestant will be solely responsible for his/her actions with regard to inclement weather or any other potentially dangerous
situation which may arise. The contestant assumes the risk of any and all damages or injury of any nature which may result from
any source during the tournament. Should any contestant be a minor, a parent/guardian shall grant such release on the part of the minor.
The tournament director has the right to cancel the tournament for any reason. Shall this occur a refund will be given to each contestant. The tournament could be postponed and date of tournament rescheduled due to reasons beyond our control.

If you have any questions, please call:

Office: 1-866-515-0102
Randy: 314-703-8462
Charlie: 314-591-4578

E-mail: info@midwestfishtournaments.com
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