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How is this tournament different from other tournaments?

Take Off -
Unlike other bass tournaments, the Big Bass Bash allows you to take off from
anywhere on the lake, although you cannot make your first cast until the official start time for
each tournament. You can use your cell phone or GPS unit for official start time.

Starting times are:
Lake of the Ozarks: Spring - 6:30am to 3:00pm both days
Lake of the Ozarks: Fall - 7:00am to 3:00pm both days
Grand Lake: - 6:00am to 2:00pm both days

Bi-Hourly Weigh-Ins -
Each angler can weigh-in one (1) fish per time slot. Once you have
weighed in for that specific time slot, you can go out and continue fishing, but you must wait
until the next time slot starts to weigh another fish. Each angler can weigh in up to four (4) times per day. Time slots are listed below:

Lake of the Ozarks: Spring BBB

6:30am-9am | 9am-11am | 11am-1pm | 1pm-3pm

Lake of the Ozarks: Fall BBB
7am-9am | 9am-11am | 11am-1pm | 1pm-3pm

Grand Lake:
6am-8am | 8am-10am | 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm

Overall Prizes
- At the end of the 2 day tournament, the 3 or 4 (depending on tournament)
single heaviest bass will win the overall cash prizes. You can only win 1 of the top overall prizes.

What are the prizes?
See each event for specific details regarding payout.


Early Bird Drawings
- A drawing in which Early Bird cash prizes are given out to tournament contestants whose entries were received by the Early Bird cut off date (see each event for specific date and cash award).

Exact Weight Bonus:
Every angler that brings in a bass that weighs exactly 3.00 lbs. and/or 4.00 lbs. will win cash prizes. See each event for specific Exact Weight payout.
Fish will only be weighed 1 time, then immediately returned to the lake.

Bonus T-Shirt Prizes:
Each day of the tournament the contestant who places one spot out of the money in any time slot will win $125.00, if you have an Official Tournament T-Shirt in your possession at time of weigh-in.
This will be for all weigh-in periods, both days, which equals eight (8) more possible payouts over the weekend.
Official Tournament T-shirts can be purchased at all the registration sites at the lake.
Shirts are $10 a piece and must be purchased for each Big Bass Bash event you are fishing. Quantities and sizes are limited.

How does this tournament work?

Each angler can weigh-in up to 4 times each day. Each fish you weigh in will go towards that time slot in which you weighed your fish in. For each time slot, we will calculate and sort all of the weights from every weigh-in station to determine the time slot winners. The overall prizes will be determined by the heaviest bass that were weighed in over the weekend.

Am I eligible to fish a Big Bass Bash?
If you have fished a Bassmaster Elite, or the “PRO” side in a FLW Tour or PAA event in
the past 2 years, you are ineligible to fish. If you have ever won a Bassmaster Classic or FLW
Championship, you are ineligible to fish.

If you have provided guide service or instructional fishing on the tournament lake within one year
of the tournament date, you are ineligible to fish. If you have been a licensed guide on the tournament lake within the past 12 months of tournament date you are ineligible to fish.
If you have made more than $12,000 in tournament winnings (including cash, prizes, incentive
money) a year prior to the tournament date, you are ineligible to fish. Draw boats are excluded.
Big Bass Bash winnings are excluded from the $12,000 money cap.

How many fish can I weigh in at each time slot?

Each angler may only weigh in 1 fish per time slot. Once you weigh in a fish it will be returned to the water by a tournament official. Any angler bringing more than 1 fish to the weigh-in scales may face disqualification from that time slot.

How many fish can I weigh in for the overall prizes?
Only your biggest fish weighed in during the 2 day tournament will be considered for an overall prize. You can only win 1 overall prize.

How many anglers can fish out of a boat?
You may have up to 3 anglers per boat. Everyone in the boat must be a paid participant.

If I have more than 1 person in a boat can we share fish?
NO. Each person will be fishing for themselves, no sharing of fish is allowed. You must weigh-in your own fish. You can help net a fish for other anglers in your boat though.
There will be a CVSA or Polygraph examination given to the top winners, and random tests given
to the bi-hourly winners.
Refusal of an angler to submit to a test or failure of a test will result in loss of winnings, immediate disqualification, plus subsequent disqualification from future tournaments. If an angler fails a CVSA or Polygraph examination, all anglers in the boat may face disqualification and loss of winnings.

How much does it cost to enter?
The entry fee is $180 for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), or $130 for 1 day (Saturday or Sunday). Each person in the boat must pay an entry fee. The combined discount when paying for 2 days must be paid for at once. For example, you cannot pay $130 for one day and decide later to fish
the 2nd day and pay an additional $50. The cost would be $130 per day.

When and where are the awards ceremonies?

Lake of the Ozarks Awards Ceremony:
The awards ceremony at Lake of the Ozarks will take place at 4:00pm on Sunday at Public Beach 2, also known as PB2. Click Here for a map showing PB2 location. Once PB2 is full, we will have parking available at the Pa-He-Tsi boat ramp located just up the road from PB2. Shuttles will be transporting those anglers to and from the awards ceremony.

Grand Lake Awards Ceremony:
The awards ceremony at Grand Lake will take place at 3:00pm on Sunday at the Wolf Creek boat ramp, also known as City Park. Click Here for map of the Wolf Creek boat ramp.

Can I enter if I am under 18?
Yes, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release for you on the entry form.

Can you explain the weigh-in?
There are 4 different weigh-in's each day. When you come to weigh-in you must come by water, you cannot drive your vehicle to weigh-in.
Each weigh-in station will have signs stating "All Anglers Must Be Beyond This Point
To Be Included In The Current Time Slot".

Say you are weighing in a fish for the 9am-11am time slot. Please make sure that you are past those signs by 11am to be eligible for that time frame. If your fish would be checked in after 11:00 am, your fish would then be entered for the 11am-1pm time slot.
This is critical for the last time slot each day (1pm-3pm). If you are not past the designated area or checked in with a tournament official by 3pm, you WILL NOT be able to weigh that fish in.

Where are the weigh-in sites?
Lake of the Ozarks:
PB2, Red Oak Resort, Alhonna Resort, Point Randall Resort, & Ivy
Bend Resort
Grand Lake: Wolf Creek, Bernice Point, and Arrowhead South.

Can I use a guide on the day of the tournament?
. Use of a guide 7 days prior and during the tournament is prohibited.

Do I have to come to the weigh-in by boat?
Yes. You must weigh-in by water. You can not trailer your boat and drive to a weigh-in station.

Does everyone in the boat have to pay an entry fee?
YES. Each person in the boat must be a paid contestant and abide by all tournament rules and regulations. Non-contestants are not allowed in paid contestants boat at anytime during official tournament hours, unless authorized by the Tournament Director.

Do I need to be present to win?
You must be present to win for all drawings, and if you are receiving one of the top overall prizes. We require this in the case you are called for a CVSA or Polygraph Test.

Will there be "In Person" registration at the Lake of the Ozarks and Grand Lake?
YES. Please see specific webpage for each tournament for registration information. When registering at the lake, only cash or credit cards will be accepted, no checks.
Lake of the Ozarks
April 22-23, 2017

Lake of the Ozarks
October 7-8, 2017

Grand Lake
June 10-11, 2017
1 DAY - $130.00
2 DAYS - $180.00
A portion of the proceeds will
be donated to charity.